Our Family Roots

Our Family Roots

jim-eavesOur family roots are in the travel and hospitality industry. After years spent traveling the world, we took notice of something that everyone, every where had in common.  The enjoyment and satisfaction they received from a cup of fresh roasted, fresh brewed, quality Arabica coffee.  Though we did not set out to be in the coffee business, it happened to us.

First, we created the recipe to the best tasting dessert coffee made by anyone, anywhere.   We provided a variety of flavors at the artisan trade shows and farmers markets of sunny Florida.  Our new creation, “Southern Style Dessert Coffee” was a hit.

Our coffee adventure was only beginning; we joined our friends, who happen to be missionaries and coffee traders in Central America.   They have the right connections with the local coffee farmers to enable us to ship the best quality high mountain, shade grown Arabia coffee beans back to the Treasure Coast.   Here, they are fresh roasted special to your taste and order.

Our customers became our friends and we would not have it any other way.   For your coffee drinking pleasure, we provide the best of both worlds, a great tasting “Southern Style Dessert Coffee” in various delicious flavors, which are made from infused extracts and served hot or Iced and the best quality  “Treasure Coast Coffee Traders” gourmet coffees from our specialty grade, hand picked, fresh roasted Arabica coffee beans, imported from around the world.

We love this business and we love spoiling our friends and customers.  We are glad the coffee business happened to us.   We would like to invite you to become a customer and a friend.

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