Barista’s Blend XX Dark

baristas-blendBarista’s Blend XX Dark

A couple years ago I was at the Roasting Room and mixing and cupping our dark roasts.  I was looking for a lot of flavor without the bitter acidy Taste.  I custom Roasted our Ethiopia Sidamo, Sumatra Gayo Mountain Rain and our Double Dark Negro Fino and Nicaraguan Dark beans to a blend that suited my taste.  Bold coffee flavor, yet bright and extremely smooth, with a kick of energy.  After two years of tasting and tweaking.  Mission accomplished, Barista Blend XX Dark tastes great!  I kept it for private stock for a while, but after sharing it with friends and they kept asking for more.  I took it to the market and it’s been one of my best sellers ever since.  Try it, you’ll like it too.

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