Humanic Coffee

Humanic Coffee


So, you’ve heard of 100% Organic right? How about Fair Trade? Well, we’ve got a new word to introduce to you and it’s more than just a catchy phrase….it’s 100% Humanic™. Simply put, Organic, Fair Trade, and profits making a difference on this Earth – Humanic.You can see the work profits are going to every day below – the work of Seek The Lamb.


seek-the-lambSeek The Lamb is a non-profit organization on a mission of Following our Lord Jesus Christ, Loving the People around us, and Actively Serving their needs.  We are very orthodox but not very “religious” Christians.

We are currently educating over 1200 Miskito Indian children in nine communities along the Rio Coco in Nicaragua/Honduras. We began this project in 1986 and have educated thousands of children and adults over the past 25 years.

In addition, we have established an outreach to the international travelers who come to the island of Utila off the north coast of Honduras.

They come from all the countries of Europe, North America, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, and South America for scuba diving, and we have established a coffee store to serve them a good brew, and good conversations! We are seeing the fruit!

All the while, we continue with a ministry of teaching the historical and cultural background of the Bible in the United States and Isreal

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