jim-eavesOur Family Roots

Our family roots are in the travel and hospitality industry. After years spent traveling the world, we took notice of something that everyone, every where had in common.  The enjoyment and satisfaction they received from a cup of fresh roasted, fresh brewed, quality Arabica coffee. Though we did not set out to be in the coffee business, it happened to us.

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Learn About Our Coffee

We set out to provide a selection of only the best quality Arabica coffee from prime locations that provide specialty grade Arabica beans which are hand picked, selecting only the best mature beans. They follow a process which insures that the highest quality of their product is first priority from planting, growing, harvesting, and direct shipping to us.

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What to Expect

Here at Treasure Coast Coffee Traders, the REAL treasure is is our freshly roasted coffee beans and Southern Style Desert Coffees. Our mission is to provide you with a coffee drinking experience that is a grind above in taste, freshness, quality, and value to any that you could find anywhere. We appreciate the trust and confidence you place in Treasure Coast Coffee Traders.

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Humanic Coffee

So, you’ve heard of 100% Organic right? How about Fair Trade? Well, we’ve got a new word to introduce to you and it’s more than just a catchy phrase….it’s 100% Humanic™. Simply put, Organic, Fair Trade, and profits making a difference on this Earth – Humanic. You can see what the work profits are going to every day – the work of Seek The Lamb.

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Where to Find Us

Come to the the Fort Pierce Farmers Market every Saturday and treat yourself to one of life’s little indulgences. Escape from the everyday world of regular coffee to the flavor-filled aromas of our Treasure Coast Coffee Traders coffee Arabica, which has been high mountain grown, harvested, processed, roasted, and French pressed just for you!

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Online Coffee Store

Once you have browsed the products that have to offer, you can view our online store to make purchases directly from us… no middle man! Whether your taste is for the bolder blends, a classic decaf, or one of our unique and delightful dessert coffees, our store will cater to all of your coffee needs!

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